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18 July 2016 @ 03:02 am
I wonder if anybody else wondered about this?  
I don't know who comes by here anymore but seems like some people still do *waves ^^~*

I find it comforting that this community was the second result from Googling "Kagrra". Honestly, after Kagrra,'s demise and later Isshi's, I've slowly fallen off the J-fanwagon and since Livejournal is the place I keep tabs on them, I just felt there's no need to check it and just... Didn't come around anymore...

Up until a couple of weeks ago when I remembered of that time and I came to acknowledge it was an important point in my life. I then turned into an emotional mess, bingeing on their songs and stuff while trying to look for what the other member's up to now (not much I can find other than Nao's). After a while I started to wonder;

What if the remaining Kagrra, members were to do a reunion, how'd be like?

I think my head is tired of mourning for 5 years it wants to celebrate the band and Isshi and that's what it came up with. I'm really interested to know if anybody else ever thought of it and how is it like.

My version happens in 2021, 10 years after the band's demise. A group of fans from around the world were able to convince the band and organised the event at Budoukan. As international fans understand other's plight, the event will also be streamed live (in not-so HQ. HQ stuff will be available on DVD after the live. Limited edition comes with bonus clips and stuff). Official event merchandises will be on sale, and so will some fan-made/designed ones. There'll also be cosplay competition, karaoke and more fun stuff around the stadium before the main event.

Opening acts consists of the former members and their bands then and Shiki Project. Vocals, other than other artists singing, some would be covered by fans (as in a fan would sing with the band like a song per person) and some songs would have more than one person on vocals (I imagined opening the concert with Sai like this).

Isshi had solo performances in some lives before so I figured it'll be apt to have Kihara read one of the stories from Isshi's Onkai (with translations on giant screens for non-Japanese speaking. How many languages can the screen fit?)

The event will end with Sakura Maichiru ano Oka de but instead of a singer ending the crowd singalong part, a clip of Isshi doing so will be played (not gonna lie, I actually cried imagining this with their last live's clip).

Mind you I've no experience in arranging any event so I've absolutely no idea how to pull this off in real life that I did wonder how possible it is to pull this off in real life. I don't even know the four of them's sentiment on getting back together for something like this (I wouldn't like it to happen if any of them is against it, it doesn't feel right to me). I'm also curious if any copyright issue will crop out of this, like, do we have to deal with PSC? I'd like the event to be as non-profit as possible so more fans can come and celebrate together but I'm pretty sure if they can have it their way they'll go for more profit... And how much money would be needed to pull this off and how to get it? Can we crowdfund it? Or would anybody sitting on a pot of gold give it up for such a noble cause =3

I'd really love to know what you all think. Or if you have other ideas/ways to celebrate them, do share!

And I hope that all of you are well in life, wherever you are :)
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Megaraptor: Izumi: never look backmegaraptor on July 20th, 2016 12:12 am (UTC)
Cool that the community is so high up on the search results, but also sad because that means the fan pages are gone :(

Your idea for a reunion is very sweet but your last paragraph makes it sound like you want to actually organize an event in real life? I don't think it's possible to organize anything official from the fan side of things. It would be more realistic to arrange a music video watching party or something. As long as you didn't sell anything or make money off it, you wouldn't need to get PSC involved.
鬼の子lonelyshoujo on September 11th, 2016 03:07 pm (UTC)
If a reunion like that ever happened I think i'd be crying the whole time, lol.

For me kagrra, songs and shikiproject songs have become more than just 'songs' by a great band (well i've also lost interest in newer bands so...)

It would be so great to have a party where fans just look at videos and sing karaoke and maybe talk about stuff kagrra, helped us pull through. (And cry)

But I personally think that getting the other members to participate in any sort of event is next to impossible, unless they came up with such an idea on their own. I mean, there would be a REALLY small turnout, for one. Most VK fans I come across now have never even heard of Kagrra,. But then again I myself have no idea what's going on in VK now, so I guess that can't be helped.
Kario3o2o8_mk on September 11th, 2016 10:00 pm (UTC)
I came back on LJ to look around as resently I've really missed my past. If I'm making any sense at all. I remember always coming on LJ to the kagrra community to get their scans and chat about their music. I really miss them and everytime I go back to listen or watch their things I get upset about Isshi being gone. I've tried to look up the other members but really apart from Nao still being active or still around nobody else is. He's still with PS company.
lesyeuxjaunes: haru zazalesyeuxjaunes on October 4th, 2016 03:11 pm (UTC)
yay ! so there's still some light here ! ^__^
cool idea... I'd love to live a Kagrra, tribute event, though, apart from Nao, I don't know who would join it... seems I quit from J-rock since 2011, or is it I'm definitely too old ? naah.. ^^
I'd also love to see again the boys together, be silly together, and maybe some of their heirs as for Neojapanesque style (there are some indeed ?)

THE question is : what would be the "best of" tracklist of this concert ?!

(and thanks for still posting !)